Palm Wax - Care and Handling

Pam Wax - Care & Information

Palm wax is very dense and brittle.  Please handle with care.  If dropped palm wax will break.

Made of the natural oils of palm trees and fittingly referred to as the "queen of waxes."  The aesthetic and tactile properties of palm wax can be likened to glossy enamel.  The natural shine of palm wax combined with its hypoallergenic properties makes it a perfect ingredient for cosmetics, hard candy, polish for instruments and candles.

Palm wax candles burn nearly three times a long as paraffin.  Our palm wax candles are made in Indonesia by local artisans and come in a full spectrum of colors.

Care / Instructions:

Trim wick to 1/4" before every burn

Gently twist candles into holders.  Palm wax is very dense and brittle, if not handled with care, it will crack.

Tapers burn at approximately 1/2" per hour
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