Taper Candles

Taper Candles

Our Taper Candles gently reduce in diameter from a standard base to cone-shaped tip with all-cotton wicks attached to make a pair of Hand Dipped Taper Candles connected at the wick.

These are absolutely the finest taper candles available anywhere. Their unique blend of waxes make them dripless* (when protected from drafts and not tipped) unless dripping is intended, as with our Drip Candles Wine Bottle Candles.

No other candlemaker offers the extensive color selection of Standard & Thin Taper Candles you will find here. With a palette of 47 colors, you will find just the right compliment for your event or decorating need.

Fall/Winter Collection Sale!
Now through September 29th, our Maize (formerly Gold), Moss Green, Burgundy, Terra Cotta, and Eggplant in Tapers, Pillars, Floating Discs , Ball Candles, and Votives by Creative Candles are 10% off regular prices!

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