Votive & Tealight Candles

Peppermint Scented Votive Candles

Popular and affordable votive candles and glass holders provide an inviting accent at a dinner party table, on an appetizer tray, in the kitchen or any room of the house.

Always place votives in an enclosed container. Votive candles will liquefy when burned so should never be burned outside of an enclosed container.  Before you slip a votive candle into a votive cup or holder, drop a teaspoon of water into the cup. This way, when you want to remove the votive candle to replace it with another, the candle should slide out easily. Check periodically to make sure there is ample water remaining in the holder.

We recommend unscented votives near diners or when serving food to avoid conflicting fragrances.

Unlike our hand dipped candles, votives are designed to melt quickly in their holders and are therefore can be effected by hot weather conditions during shipping. Please allow adequate time for optimum delivery conditions.

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