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    Pool Size Floating Candles

    Pool Size Floating Candles

    Floating Pool Candles add a special accent for any outdoor gathering or quiet evening in the back yard. Choose from a wide variety of long burning, large floating candles.   Floating candles that we designate as Pool Floating Candles are considered best for pools because of their size, generally 4" or more in diameter, so there is greater visibility in a pool or pond.  Any of our floating candles will float and will not leave wax residue in ponds or pools.  We cannot guarantee that they will remain lit in windy or other adverse conditions.  We recommend that skimmers, fountains, sliding boards, or any moving water be turned off during the time the candles are in the water so that movement is kept at a minimum.  Do not allow water to touch the wicks as this can prevent them from staying lit.  Please note that our pool candles have not been tested in salt water pools. Salt water may cause additional buoyancy leading to instability of some candles.


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