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    Jar Candle Toppers - 9 Different Styles

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    Cnowflake Jar Candle Topper

    We turn ordinary jar candles into collectible candles that decorate your home even when unlit. A topped jar candle addslife, color, and beauty to your home décor, transforming jar candles into unique decorative accents.

    Choose from:  Snowflake Topper, Purple Bunny Topper, Cardinal Topper, Gingerbread Basket Topper, Santa Moon Topper, Smiley Snowman Topper, Spooky Tree Topper, Teddy Bear Topper or Witch Topper.

    Our candle toppers fit our Empire Designer Jar Candles and most 15oz., 16oz., 20oz. and 23 oz. jar candles.

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